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So what is all this hype about vitamin D lately. We’re hearing that everyone’s deficient in it, we know that we get it from the sunlight, but nobody’s really talking about what it does, we just know that we should be taking it. I wanted...

Lately, I’ve had a lot of people asking me to do a video on how carbohydrates work, specifically, how fruit works within the body. You see, fruits got this bad rep. We all seem to think that fruit is horrible because it’s a sugar, and...

Coconut Cranberry SmoothieIngredients- Coconut Water/Milk - Cranberries - Pink Himalayan Sea Salt - Cream of tartar - Maca Root (powder)To note:There are a number of primary electrolyte minerals; of primary importance for your adrenal function are sodium and potassium. The ratio between these 2 minerals is so critical...



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