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At age 36 I was a physical disaster. I had completely let myself go and ballooned to 312lbs with a body fat of over 35%. As a firefighter by profession my weight began to take a heavy toll on my job performance. I finally got back on a good weigh training and cardio routine and tried every type of diet plan. Every low carb and carb cycling diet the magazines had to offer. I made some decent progress. Then I came across Thomas DeLauer on youtube and began to watch his videos. I decided it was time to get professional help and reached out to Thomas. I was immediately impressed with his incredibly fast, friendly response. Thomas created a meal plan for me, straightened out my supplement regime and gave me tons of workout tips. I immediately began to see immediate improvements in not only my appearance but in my energy levels and mood, and my joints felt like i was 20 years younger! I am still following Thomas’s plan and I am currently weighing 229lbs with a bodyfat of 11%. I still have a way to go to achieve my goal of a full six pack, but it’s just about in! Thomas continues to answer my questions and keep me moving forward. I could never thank Thomas enough for what he has done for me!

Robert Harmon, Age 36

Thomas Delauer is an excellent coach with amazing versatility, intelligence, and discipline. I have trained with him as well as obtained meal plans in order to achieve the weight, fitness, and overall health goals. He has the knowledge of body mechanics and nutrition to assist in developing a plan that is uniquely designed for each client. Thomas is patient, has excellent communication, displays a high level of professionalism, all combined with an abundance of fitness/wellness education.

Hilton Williams, Executive Recruiter

Thomas tailored an intermittent fasting (IF) routine that enabled me to more burn fat and optimize my gut-brain connection. I was following a ketogenic diet for nearly a year, but wasn’t realizing all the benefits until making a few small food and timing adjustments. Thomas is a pure professional and does an outstanding job fully supporting his clients with a holistic balanced approach.

Alan Silkarskie

I saw significant change in my body within a month of working with Thomas and he had changed the way I look at food for the rest of my life. His dedication to being as educated and up to date on diet and the body made me trust in his system and gave me incredible results. I’m now in the shape I’ve always wished I could be in and it’s all thanks to the plan Thomas set!

Ross Butler, Actor on Netflix’s

I can honestly say that Thomas has tremendously improved the quality of my life. As a busy Plastic Surgeon I lost perspective on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Through his personalized coaching and mentorship I was able to make my health my primary focus upon which the rest of my personal and professional life could be built. Over the first year I lost 35 lbs and still maintain my healthy eating and fitness habits through continuous education and accountability. Thomas truly practices what he preaches and is dedicated to each of his clients unique transformations.

Landon Pryor, MD Plastic Surgeon

Thomas as been an instrumental part of realizing my goals in health, but in business is well. I have been a pretty healthy eater and worked out 4-5 times a week, but the weight wasn’t moving. I began training for my 3rd 70.3 ironman and asked Thomas if he could please assist. I did his reboot program with great success and followed him for about a year with his insightful videos and content. What really grabbed me is his ability to you why things interact and do what the do. Not just saying “hey, eat this like me”.He tells you how eating certain things affect your body. I was tired of not getting results so I wrote to Thomas pleading for some help. I am beyond thankful he did!!! Instantly he dialed me write in with a program and we were off and running. I learned even having healthy food on your plate is not always the answer. It’s the combination of the right healthy foods that are a necessity. I cut 25 lbs while gaining good lean muscle and PR’d my ironman race by 1hour and 15 minutes! While on this journey Thomas also set me up with amazing marketing skills for my real estate business. He is a ninja marketer and was able to pick up valuable skills and systems. The combination of having amazing energy daily, and cutting edge marketing that’s true and genuine, it took my business to the next level tripling my numbers the year before. Thomas is always there if a have a quick question whether it be a marketing question or how different omega’s will interact with each other on my plate . His knowledge in both areas are next level and I am excited for our journey in 2018!!

Scott Goshorn, Los Angeles CA.

I found Thomas on YouTube when my physician prescribed me to go on a bunch of prescriptions including statin drugs because I had high cholesterol, blood pressure and triglycerides. By following Thomas’ recommendations I began to see the extra weight fall off. I was so happy with the results I decided to see if I could hire Thomas as my personal fitness and nutrition coach. The experience has been fantastic. My blood work has come back excellent, I’m in the best shape of my life (better than when I was playing division 1 baseball in college), I’m super happy with my physique and overall have so much more energy than I ever could have imagined. Working with Thomas has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life and I look forward to continuing to work with him and taking my health to it’s highest potential!

Steve Del Savio, Hoboken N.J.

Thomas is one of our highest performing sponsorships in terms of ROI. This is because: 1) he has a great team to do the proper YouTube SEO/keyword research so the videos get repeating/organic views, 2) his production value + videos are top-notch resulting in a high click-through-rate, and 3) his channel has super high engagement b/c of his selective quality standards for the brands he chooses to actually endorses. The only other sponsorship we’ve experienced that had similar conversion rates close to the same level of Thomas was Tim Ferriss’ podcast” – Wilson Hung, Director of Paid.

Acquisition @ Kettle & Fire
Bryan Zimmerman, Founder of JVZoo
Stephen Dedola President/CEO of Dedola Global Logistics



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