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In addition to building a loyal following, Thomas DeLauer has built a video team and studio that allows him to leverage his expert voice to help companies and brands that he truly stands behind.

Ordinarily, when you work with an influencer or personal brand such as Thomas’, you are limited to having a video featured on their dedicated channels and that is it. But with Thomas and his ability to produce professional, full-production content, there is the ability to produce full-scale advertisements and content that is geared for YOUR brand.

Remember that although this service is available, Thomas is exceptionally selective about brands that he works with and produces content for, whether it is for his channels/social networks or not.

Example of

Your Brand approaches Thomas DeLauer to have a video produced for his social channels (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram) – This is what is called the influencer model and Thomas works on a very, very select basis with such a service.

Your Brand wants to utilize Thomas’ expert voice and have content produced FOR their social channels to use as a commercial, Facebook advertisement or value content – This is what is called a production service and Thomas and his video capabilities can make this possible for many brands that fit his scope, vision, and of course brand reputation.

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